Ten Tips for Success

“WOW! ” That is merely one word that comes to mind once i walk into a business function room and there are many people I already know, but many more people whom I have never met. And I envision the many new opportunities that exist in that room for contacts and connections, and maybe even some new friends. Plus as a executive leadership training business coach I also know that WOW is the last word a number of you will think of when facing this situation. The text might be “OH NO! ” So We decided to write this article to address both reactions.

It is true that working a room is a mixture of an art and a technology of managing how you mix and how you become a savvy networker. It is an art as it involves having charm, confidence, imagination and chutzpah. It is usually a science because it involves developing clear focused eyesight, goals, strategies and followup actions.

So what are the ten top tips on working a room? My research and personal encounters lead me to the following ten tips:

Tip #1: Develop a plan to be prepared for the event. Make sure you have plenty of business cards and a good pen. Develop a few specific and measurable goals, such as meet (pick a number) new people and capture their contact information and something interesting about them and/or their business.

Tip #2: Build your 30-second elevator conversation to let people know who you are and what you do. Rehearse and envision introducing yourself with that 30-second elevator talk.

Tip #3: Select 3 or 4 interesting reports items or other thought provoking questions that you can use as subject areas of conversation.

Tip #4: Put on your “game face. ” Create the energy and enthusiasm that makes you look like you really want to be there and that you make everyone you meet feel very special.

Tip #5: Be positive. People do not enjoy negativity. If you are displeased about something at the event, be careful not to criticize the speaker, food, and so forth since you may well be talking to someone accountable for that feature.

Idea #6: Bring your best business and social good manners. Good manners are observed and can open opportunities for you.

Tip # 7: Dress appropriately for the event.

Tip #8: Start building relationships by getting to know people and then work to change contacts into clients and strangers into friends.

Suggestion #9: Always say give thanks to you and good night time. This is appropriate for those you met and certainly for those hosting and sponsoring the event. It is also appropriate to send written give thanks to yous and/or personal information to the host, sponsor and individuals you met. These kinds of too will be noticed and appreciated and will assist in creating a partnership.

Tip #10: Develop and engage your follow-up plan for the contacts made at the event.

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